'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Cosmog Strategy Wins Over Legendary Pokemon Team

1 January 2017, 7:09 pm EST By Rommel Mobile & Apps

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" player used Cosmog in order to beat - and eventually, wreck a legendary Pokemon team. While most of the game involves a little Cosmog named Nebby, it was unpredictable how the player used it to win the game over a highly-experienced team. Nebby is a small, precious Cosmog that does not want to stay in its protector's (Lillie) bag. Because of this, Nebby turns into the target of the Aether Foundation as it transforms into either a Solgaleo or Lunala. In its evolved form, it gains the powers to stop Ultra Beasts threats in one go.

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduces Cosmog as one of the weakest Pokemon creatures to ever set foot in the franchise. According to the Pokemon handbook, its only powers are Splash and Teleport - moves which do not really make a lot of bearing during Pokemon battles. Due to this, Cosmog is only allowed to sit on the bench of the trainer and get all the necessary XP from the hard work of other Pokemon and the team.

One of the Pokemon Sun and Moon players, however, released a Youtube video that answered all the challenges of Cosmog beating a legendary Pokemon team. Pokemon trainer and Youtuber PIMPNITE finally debunked all claims that Cosmog cannot be of any help. In his numerous failed attempts, he finally succeeded and posted his results in an epic 10-minite video release on Youtube just early this week. How did he do it? Check out the video here:

Pokemon Sun and Moon Cosmog Strategy. To beat and sweep the entire team of Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beast, PIMPNITE employed the perceived weakest Pokemon but with the help of its teammates. Of course, the teammates did the heavy lifting using double set of Toxic Spikes poisoning the other team. While doing this, defense buffs and healing moves were layered time and time again.

Eventually, PIMPNITE used a Baton Pass to let the Cosmog out of the bag and float over the battlefield, the enemies then, wrecked, poisoned and surrender. For Pokemon fans, PIMPNITE Pokemon choice indicates that it is a staged battle and there is really no Cosmog sweep for a semi-competitive team. Still, this is amazing to watch as you look at the Cosmog victory smile with each opponent falling off the battle. 

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