'Fairy Tail' New Anime Movie Coming This Year On Spring, Great Way To Start New Year From Hiro Mashima

2 January 2017, 8:19 pm EST By Switchy Sam Mobile & Apps

"Fairy Tail" is on the hot topic among anime fans today because of its story. Hiro Mashima, the creator of the series, released a hint that another movie in line with the same anime will be coming this spring. As much as the hype among fans is accumulating each day and hour, this will be another story that will reveal all hidden things. Will Natsu unlock his full potential as a dragon slayer? Will it answer some of the unanswered questions hidden deep inside the viewers' thoughts? The answer lies in this upcoming movie for the anime entitled "Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry."

A New Year's gift from Hiro Mashima

Hiro Mashima celebrated New Year just like everyone else. Somehow, a website released information about the said upcoming movie for "Fairy Tail" and revealed the poster with the official title and air release date on it. Crunchyroll even spotted the message written on the same website saying "謹賀新年 あけましておめでとうございます!" which literally means "Happy New Year!" Hyped fans from across different parts of the globe even commented on one video from Dein talking about the said anime movie.

Going back to the account of Hiro Mashima on Twitter, "Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry" may be a gift for the fans of his work and a promotion of his continuation of the series for months to come.

From the amazing story of its previous movie entitled "Fairy Tail The Movie: Phoenix Priestess," the said upcoming movie will provide fans the same feeling they felt before - the hype, the story, and revelations from the main story, which Comicbook website agrees to. This movie is not some detour that strays away from the main story, but it is something fans will not regret watching when it comes out soon.

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