Baby Tech Are in Line This CES 2017, Targets Millenial Moms

3 January 2017, 11:32 am EST By Ralphy Bonn Sim Mobile & Apps

There will be a four day exhibition called the Baby Tech Summit, which will be held during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. They are going to make a presentation at the industry's latest developments to convince consumers to buy for the next latest technologies that's packed with sensors, artificial intelligence and apps.

In this event, offers will about to present a tech for the millennial mom, with high-tech nurseries and newest products to help a feed infant which is called Get Pumped for 21st Century Breastfeeding.

The VersaMe, maker of a $200 wearable word counter called the Starling, claimed that since launching in September it's focused on merchandising institutions direct on baby health and wellness. The company went to CES last year due to a free pass show, and the chance to meet Randi Zuckerberg, the judge for the event and sister to Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In last year's CES, the spot light of the event were commonly the smartphones, TVs, VR Headsets, refrigerators and other gadgets. This is where Baby Tech has a challenge standing out.

"It's super hard to stand out against other companies," said Nicki Boyd, the co-founder of VersaMe. The company is not alone, as electronics are reported for less than 9 percent of baby product sales in 2015 from clothes and strollers.

Freemie, a company returnee this CES 2017, is a maker of hands-free breast pumps designed to be worn with a shirt. The breast pumps, were debuted last 2013 and starts at $60, which is predicted to be available internationally in the middle of 2017.

Also in the baby tech scene is the Kinsa Company, a maker of an FDA-permitted smart thermometer that is available at $20. Along with the other companies, Kinsa mentioned that the event gathered press coverage of their product but didn't make a huge impact regarding their sales.

Whatever the future holds for the baby tech niche, any techy parent would appreciate modern gadgets for child care as long as it's appropriate for their needs.

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