Apple vs Samsung Patent Case: Now Samsung Galaxy Nexus Banned in US

30 June 2012, 12:58 pm EDT By Akansha Srivastava Mobile & Apps

It has not been even a week, when the U.S judge took the side of Apple and granted Cupertino tech giant the request to ban Samsung's iPad rival tablet - the Galaxy Tab 10.1 - in America. The court stated that the Korean manufacturer competed unfairly against Apple with an infringing product. And now, Samsung has received another blow - on June 29, the U.S. Court has once again ruled against Samsung in the patent case, and granted Apple a temporary injunction against Galaxy Nexus sales in the United States, which means you won't be seeing the phone on the shelves of U.S. retail stores anytime soon.

There are four total patents at issue in this case. The first is the same one that proved problematic for HTC that allows the device to identify text or numbers to pull up a relevant menu or action. The second is basically word prediction for a touchscreen keyboard. The third is the ever popular slide-to-unlock patent and rounding out the quartet, is a patent for a single search interface that allows the device to search a variety of sources both on and off the device.

Judge Lucy Koh decided that Samsung (and Google) has infringed all the four patents, although one specific patent weighs in towards this decision - patent number 8,086,604 ('604) - the first one, which is similar to Apple Siri interface.

The other patent numbers are patent 5,946,647 (actionable linking), patent 8,046,721 (slide-to-unlock) and patent 8,074,172 (touch screen word suggestion).

For the injunction to go into effect, Apple must post a bond worth $96 million. It's highly likely the final judgment of the U.S. Court to be of the same kind, provided Samsung is not able to prove it has not infringed on the patents in question.

The Court has ruled that if the Galaxy Nexus availability continues it would cause irreparable harm to Apple in the form of lost market share. This was a result of Google highlighting its "Quick Search Box" in Android as "core user feature on Android" ergo on the Galaxy Nexus too.

There has been no official comment from Samsung as of this posting, but we will keep you updated as any new information becomes available.

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