Amazon Alexa Continues to Dazzle with Ford Compatibility; Cars, Lights & Doors Can Be Controlled

5 January 2017, 9:46 am EST By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano Mobile & Apps

Amazon's Alexa may have a serious upgrade coming into play soon as a partner will be acquiring the said program. With it, the competition on which company holds the best automated information system is sure to become slim.

As the trend of A.I. or artificial intelligence has become global, tech companies may be seeing the need to work harder for supremacy, which Amazon seems to have accomplished. After the release of Alexa, Ford has now jumped into the picture, taking voice commands to a whole new level.

According to BGR, Ford's SYNC 3 Applink software enables players to make use of Alexa's expanding skills while driving -- even to the point that car functions can be commanded while indoors. The latest report justified that Alexa will permit users to play music, read an audiobook and even add new entries to the owner's Amazon lists. These may already be great, but the other car-related connectivity features are what makes the program remarkable.

As per Business Insider, the car-to-home feature and vice-versa make the program reliable. Such programs will have Alexa turn the lights on or open the garage door while the owner comes, and even start the car prior to riding it. More than that, Alexa can control the owner's security system as pleased.

The program will also allow the users to lock or unlock their cars, as well as properly informing them on the gas or electric capacity thus far. Generally, Ford will be the first to have their vehicles compatible to Alexa, taking pride on the said choice.

The two powerhouse companies, Ford and Amazon, both share a partnership with each other, but the idea of Alexa being car-mounted seems to get people going. It is still an unconfirmed disclosure as to whether Ford will have their vehicles rigged automatically with Alexa or if the program will be downloadable only if wanted to.

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