Ubtech Robotics Partnered With Amazon To Bring Alexa To Its Latest Robot Called Lynx

6 January 2017, 1:31 pm EST By Cris Xander Juliano Mobile & Apps

The Chinese company Ubtech Robotics just partnered with Amazon and brought Alexa's voice-recognition abilities to their latest robot called Lynx, as reported by Engadget. You will now be able to interact with a robot like your very own personal assistant. This will be a lot more entertaining compared to just talking to a speaker like the Google Home.

John Rhee, Ubtech's US general manager, said, "Lynx combines unprecedented intelligence and robotics into one consumer-friendly platform." He also added, "Integrating with Amazon's Alexa Voice Service is a perfect match for Lynx's unparalleled facial, image and voice recognition, emotion detection and lifelike robotic movement, seamlessly woven together for a truly humanlike experience."

Lynx was presented at the Consumer Electronics 2017 in Las Vegas where it broke into a dance and talked about the weather. The robot also has facial recognition technology built in to make the experience more personal. The robot can be programmed to use its camera to match a person's face with their own choice of preference.

Lynx's camera can also be used as a surveillance tool with the use of its app; owners can access the camera to check on their homes. On a much lighter note, you can program Lynx to record your every move and upload your video on social media to put on a show.

According to a report by cnet, Ubtech takes full advantage of Amazon's Alexa, you can ask it to play music, plan your day and control your home just by talking to Lynx. You can also ask Lynx to read your emails and you can reply to those emails just by dictating your response to the robot.

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