Pokemon Go Gen 2: Niantic's Reference Drops Clue On Release Of New Monsters This Month; Fans Anticipate Mini-Events Addition

10 January 2017, 11:35 am EST By Pia Merci Mobile & Apps

Niantic, an American software development company, has apparently launched its "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 update which would supposedly add about 100 new monsters to the game.

However, as of yet, the only update seems to be just a Baby Pokemon which was dropped last December 12, altthough "Pokemon Go" players have already seen the Pokemon world overruled with starter Pokemin and eggs with Gen 2 pokemon inside. Its players have been wondering what's next to it.

Niantic is fervent to keep its players hooked and reportedly, there are some possibilities for the New Year. With this, the developer has apparently sent a teasing message with regard to the said big update.

As per the message, it said that there might be another update from them in a few weeks and they might get a special message from Professor Willow. Morever, it mentioned that players should always be alert at all times when playing "Pokemon Go".

Note that Professor Willow hands out players' first ball at the beginning of the game. The reference seems to show the release of more monsters this month.

Fans have been thinking that the next round of Pokemon Go update would possibly come in clusters that would also include more mini-events. With the alleged mini-events, just having a six to 10 Pokemon at a time could enable Niantic to get hold of people's interests.

Meanwhile, yes, there are Legendary Pokemon away.  But that's still a couple of months to go and there is still no exact date for the said release as of now.

On a side note, there would be no more single-use incubators which are supplied by the Pokestops as soon as the Pokemon Go Holiday is near to a close. Players won't be able to hatch eggs at a faster rate as well.

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