'Final Fantasy XV' Tips And Tricks: How To Win In Open Combat System

11 January 2017, 12:30 pm EST By JP Mobile & Apps

The "Final Fantasy XV" combat system has succeeded in creating a different layer of game experience for avid fans of the Final Fantasy game franchise as it differs from the earlier FF game releases. Though the change in the "Final Fantasy XV" combat system has successfully added thrilling battles to the game, some FFXV players who grew comfortable with the combat system of the previous FF games find it difficult to adjust to the new combat system.

"Final Fantasy XV" incorporates an open combat system similar to that of Kingdom Hearts. Things are more fluid in the new FFXV combat system as players are no longer pulled into a different battle screen. The open combat system allows FFXV players to go in and out of battle.

There are just a few FFXV tips and tricks that a player can use to ensure victory. First is to string series of combos in attacking enemies. To inflict the greatest amount of damage to enemies it is advisable to string a combo of normal attacks, warp-strikes and to attack enemies in different directions.

Next tip is to group up with teammates during battle. Grouping up with teammates will make it difficult for an enemy, especially the stronger ones, to target a specific member of your team. Also, make sure to pay attention to the health bars of your team members. Healing or reviving teammates is an integral part of the new "Final Fantasy XV" combat system.

Another key FFXV guide to ensure success in fighting monsters is to locate the enemy's weak spots. A player can locate the weakness of an enemy by using Wait Mode or by scanning the enemy with Libra. Unlocking the analyze skill is also a great help in combats.

The new "Final Fantasy XV" combat system also makes dodging and parrying an integral part of doing battles. Entering stasis often is also discouraged as it could impair a player's ability to dodge attacks from the enemy.

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