Move Over Kindle, BeBook Pure – The World’s Thinnest eReader is Here

15 August 2012, 12:27 pm EDT By Anu Passary Mobile & Apps

Amazon's Kindle has competition as BeBook unveiled the thinnest e-ink eReader in the world called Pure. With the advent of Pure, an offering from the little-known Dutch manufacturer BeBook, eReader market players like Barnes&Noble, Amazon, and Kobo are likely to get a run for their money.

With a 6-inch display and at just 8mm thick, the svelte BeBook Pure weighs only 188gms and is being touted as the thinnest eReader around.  Its closest competitor (in terms of thickness) is Amazon's 8.5mm thick Kindle Keyboard, which weighs 247gms.  Pure is encased in a rubber shell and runs on a 600MHz processor and packs in 4GB of memory. It also has an expandable memory option and supports microSD cards (up to 32GB).

Priced at £69, which is £20 less than the cheapest available Amazon eReader offering, the BeBook Pure is a steal and won't have users digging deep into their savings. The BeBook also trounces similar models from both Kobo and Barnes&Noble when it comes to the price tag.

When it comes to battery "BeBook claim it can run for three weeks on a single charge and is good for around 12,000 pageviews," according to mobileentertainment .

Pure supports the popular PDF and ePub formats (with and without Adobe DRM). What's more, it also supports different formats like .TXT, .HTML,.FB2, and .RTF.

However, all is not rosy for BeBook Pure. A major drawback is the absence of a touchscreen on the eReader. Instead, it takes the traditional route with its keyboard (five hard keys are found directly below the display).

Whether the BeBook Pure eventually carves a place for itself in the niche eReader market remains to be seen.

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