5 Reasons Why Players Should Try The First-Person Survival Game 'Subnautica'

5 February 2017, 6:40 am EST By Switchy Sam Mobile & Apps

"Subnautica" is an underwater survival game from Unknown Worlds with a mix of deep space adventure. Players are discovering ways of unlocking the secrets of the game including the active lava zone and the "Lost River." Players craft advancements and technology out of materials that are scattered around the world.

Players are enjoying playing the game even though it is still an early access. "Unknown Worlds" has released another expansion called "Castles & Coffee" update that adds major changes to the game, as reported by EscapistMagazine. Nevertheless, here are the reasons why players should try out the game "Subnautica":

Open-world adventure

Open-world adventure games are always interesting to play. Players can almost do anything in the game and explore depths, provided that they have the right equipment and suits that withstand the pressure of the ocean. Other than that, players can travel to the island and build their base there. Otherwise, they can build their base underwater with dangerous creatures that lurk.

Crafting, discovering, exploring

"Subnautica" is like "Minecraft" and "Skyrim" combined into one. Players are required to gather materials and craft it into advancements. However, they must obtain the appropriate blueprints from the ruined spaceship "Aurora" and its scattered parts everywhere.


The graphics of the game is of excellent quality. The overall lighting and shadows make the views realistic and surreal.

Sounds and ambiance

The sounds and ambiance of the game complement the graphics and gameplay. The ambiance adds more depth and realism in the game, while the sound immerses players along their journey.

In-game story and setting

The story of "Subnautica" is the most amazing thing. Players have to find data that will piece up what happened before the other survivors were dead or missing.

The early access of the game is out now with the latest "Castles & Coffee" update. The price is $19.99/£15.99 on Steam, according to GamesRadar.

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