13 Of The Best & Latest iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks Available For iPhone Users Today [Watch]

5 February 2017, 9:20 pm EST By Ceage Sotto Mobile & Apps

iPhone users who are into iOS tweaking got good news when version 10.2's jailbreak came out last week. The semi-stable Yalu jailbreak arrived with several cool enhancements in store for Apple devices.

BGR was able to compile 13 of the best tweaks for iOS 10.2 from YouTuber iCrackUriDevice. The tweaks will add a new dimension to the users iPhone experience. However, most jailbreaks are semi-stable at best. User discretion is advised when testing out the modifications.

Currently, here are the hottest tweaks available for the iPhone. The views and opinion of this article are based on iCrackUriDevice's YouTube video.

Display, Messaging & User Personalization Tweaks

Starting off with the display and some animation options, "NoSlowAnimations" is trending worldwide. The tweak allows users to speed up the stock iPhone's animation time. Users that would want to have a virtual home replacement can also try "Touchr."

Want to add up the second row of icons to your iPhone dock? "Docker" will take care of that. Users that are having difficulty with the message cursor location can also try "SwipeSelection." It allows users to quickly control the cursor location by swiping on the keyboard.

Feature Related Tweaks

Users that would want to add more options in the control center would want to try the following tweaks. "CCLowPower" puts a Low Power Mode button on the control center while "Platters" adds an app switcher and favorites tab. "CCRecord" also adds a Screen Capture toggle on the control center menu.

iPhone owners that wish to have more options for the power button can try "PowerDown." It adds several options that you can choose when pushing the power button. People, that are prone to setting alarms in PM can receive alerts with "Pm, Really?" It prompts an alert whenever you set the AM alarm the other way around.

Application Management Tweaks

Although the iPhone is a great all around phone, Android phones offer more app options. To compensate, "App Admin" allows users to have more options when installing apps. Including the ability to Downgrade them. "SwipeForMore" adds options when installing tweaks in Cydia.

Users that would want to have a cache and message attachments cleaner can check out "ICleaner Pro." Snapchat users can also check out "Phantom (Lite)." It adds more functions and features to the video app.

Apple's flagship smartphone is a top of the line device that worth the user's money. Since it was first unveiled in 2007, the iconic phone has become the preference for most people. However, some people have found ways to tweak the already impressive OS of the phone.

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