'NBA 2K17' Guide: How To Be The Best Point Guard, Get Playmaking Badges

13 February 2017, 12:20 pm EST By JP Mobile & Apps

"NBA 2K17" badges play an important role in the game's MyCareer mode. Badges give players an additional boost in particular areas of the game.


Ankle Breaker 

The ankle breaker "NBA 2K17" badge gives a player more chance to break the opposing player's ankles with some nasty handles. The badge can be acquired by doing a dribble combo that will be followed by an assist for 200 times.

Break Starter

Football passes are great weapons in "NBA 2K17" as it often ends in fast break points. The Break Starter "NBA 2K17" badge can be acquired by performing an outlet pass after a rebound for 50 times.


The Dimer badge gives a player the skill to not only to throw accurate passes but to make passes where a teammate has an opportunity to score. This bade can be acquired by making 300 assist in one regular season.

Flashy Passer

The Flashy Passer "NBA 2K17" badge will allow players to not only throw accurate passes but to also connect these passes ala-Magic Johnson in showtime Lakers. To get this badge, a player must successfully make 50 flashy passes in one season.

Lob City Passer

Alley-oop conversions do not only look good but can actually be used as a weapon in the game. To acquire the Lob City Passer "NBA 2K17" badge, a player must execute 50 successful alley-oops in one season.

Pick & Roll Maestro

The Pick & Roll is one of the most effect offensive weapons in basketball. The Pick & Roll Maestro badge will give a player an added boost to make accurate passes from a pick & roll to assist the rolling big man or an added accuracy when attempting a shot after the pick. To get the badge, a player must call 150 screens in one season. 

After achieving the badges, a player can upgrade the badges with "NBA 2K17" virtual currencies. It is recommended to also get defensive badges to create a better two-way player.

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