‘Nioh’ Tips & Tricks: How To Have Enough Soulstones & Beat Any Boss, No Skills Needed

15 February 2017, 8:22 am EST By CJ Estimada Mobile & Apps

Gamers who have played the recently launched "Nioh" can attest that it is a tough game. In fact, "Nioh" now has a reputation for being among the most challenging action games in years -- and it's been out for just a week. With hundreds of thousands playing Team Ninja's samurai epic, there sure are to be some secrets schemes that make Yokai-slaying considerably easier.

How To Have Soulstones

Soulstones release Amrita, which feeds the living weapon. An exploit featuring soulstones and living weapons might be the answer to make another step further in protagonist William's struggle against the Yokai.

"Nioh" gamers get soulstones commonly as mission rewards and, sometimes, they are even found as loot. It's wise not waste these soulstones on normal mobs. Also, soulstones are usually dropped by enemies and are often used as mission rewards, so players will need to earn a few themselves in order to have a bank of them to spend on particularly tricky bosses. As long as players have a consistent amount of Soulstones in their inventory, nothing stands in their way in tackling every boss in the game, shares FragHero.

Soulstones For Added Power

According to PowerPyx, the use of soulstones can power up a living weapon. Players then spam the living weapon by pressing Triangle+Circle (preferably spear for AOE damage). When living weapon ends, use another Soulstone and repeat the process. It works best when the gamer puts the soulstones in a quick select item slot.

While using the living weapon, gamers are invincible and in extra damage-dealing Living Weapon mode. Players need to back up and save the game before the fight so they can get the soulstones back if they fail too often (PS4 Settings > Application Saved Data Management). Anyone can do it; no special skills required.

Normally "Nioh" players can only activate the Living Weapon very rarely. It's during the few moments of brief intervals where players whale on an enemy or boss after many minutes of vigilant combat. But, soulstones replenish the Living Weapon gauge immediately.

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