'Sniper Elite 4' Tips & Tricks: Collect & Destroy Stone Eagles From These Locations!

16 February 2017, 11:01 am EST By Catherine G. Mobile & Apps

One of the more cool collectibles in the game "Sniper Elite 4" is the Stone Eagles statue. These statues are placed all over the game levels and the players need to track them down and destroy them. If they are able to do that, then they get a "A Bird in Hand" achievement in "Sniper Elite 4". We have compiled a list of all locations where Stone Eagles statues can be found and smashed!

A simple fact: these statues only need to be destroyed. every level in "Sniper Elite 4" has nine Stone Eagle statues that need to be located. Let us start with a list:

The San Celini Island contains three Stone Eagles statues in "Sniper Elite 4". Where are they located? The first one is near the beach of San Celina near the dilapidated stone tower. One needs to climb in the tower and move towards the damaged portion of the wall that is big enough to be an opening. The players can view another tower in which they can find the statue.

The next Stone Eagle is located near the German Officer (a target in "Sniper Elite 4")- on top of a tower in the vicinity. This tower will lead the player to the third tower in the North direction. Remember, these Stone Eagles are on top of all these towers. The Bitanti Village mission has 3 more Stone Eagles to be found: one is near the stone walls bordering the village near an archway. This way leads to a path into the village and a small window in the archway contains the first of the Stone Eagle of the Bitanti village.

When the players will see past the village, they will also find a stone fortress with a Nazi flag on top- the second statue can be destroyed here in "Sniper Elite 4". The third Stone Eagle can be found if the players looks in the Northwest direction from the last location. If the players look at the sea, they will find a sailboat with the third statue. The locations of other smash able Stone Eagle statues will be updated shortly. Keep browsing MobileNApps for more news and information about "Sniper Elite 4".

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