'Overwatch' Update: Blizzard To Implement Stricter Policies To Fight Hacking In Korea

16 February 2017, 7:47 pm EST By JP Mobile & Apps

Blizzard will be making a tough stance against "Overwatch" hacking in Korea. According to reports, the video game developer will be implementing a widespread change to its policies to combat the prevalence of hacking and to make it more difficult for cheaters to get away.

The "Overwatch" game developer has outlined a multi-prong approach to combat hackers on the Korean Battle.net. Blizzard's "Overwatch" hacking battle plan started with the words, "Play nice; Play fair."

A key element in Blizzard's plan to fight "Overwatch" Korea hacking is keeping a watchful eye against the latest "Overwatch" cheats and hacks. The video game developer will be implementing unannounced back-end changes to fight the latest hacks and cheats and will also deal with those who develop the hacks.

Blizzard will also take legal actions against those who create and perpetuate the means to cheat on "Overwatch." The video game developer is said to be prepared to do whatever means necessary to stop the development and distribution of programs that allow cheating in the game.

Blizzard will also hunt down players who are using inappropriate VPNs. The post did not, however, give any details as to how the video game developer intends to implement this plan.

The most crucial element in Blizzard's plan to get rid of Korea "Overwatch" hack and cheats is the planned implementation of changes in the Battle.net account policy. Starting Feb. 17, only players who own a copy in their account home region will be allowed to access the game.

The Battle.net account policy changes are not only limited to "Overwatch" as Blizzard will also implement the same with StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3 but on a later date. With the policy change, players who have Battle.net accounts registered outside Korea will not be able to access the game unless they have a region appropriate license.

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