'Overwatch' Director Jeff Kaplan Shared Details About The Game During D.I.C.E Summit

24 February 2017, 11:51 am EST By JP Mobile & Apps

Hit video game "Overwatch" has been widely praised for its character's diversity. However, the game's director, Jeff Kaplan, has just revealed that the Blizzard "Overwatch" did not really go for diversity when creating the game's heroes.

Jeff Kaplan, the director of "Overwatch," gave the keynote presentation during the recent D.I.C.E Summit. During his keynote speech, Kaplan discussed his team's approach in creating the "Overwatch" characters and world building

The video game director found it interesting that "Overwatch" fans think that diversity was the goal of the game. However, Kaplan revealed that diversity was not really the goal of the game.

According to Kaplan, inclusivity and open-mindedness were the real goals in creating the popular team-based shooter. The game director revealed that the team cared about creating a game and an "Overwatch" world where everyone felt welcome.

The video game director said that diversity was the end result of the team's effort to embrace inclusivity and open-mindedness. Kaplan made use of Ana as an example of a character that video game players rarely see on games of the same genre.

Kaplan also discussed the challenges that the team had in dealing with the predisposed expectations of video game players of how heroes from certain parts of the world should look like. He also revealed that the team certainly didn't want to overstep on cultural stereotypes when creating the "Overwatch" characters.

The video game director also dismissed the idea that the game has political motivations. He, however, found it fascinating how people embraced the values of the game in their own positive way.

Speaking of "Overwatch characters, the game has just added Efi Oladele to its lore. Efi has sparked numerous speculations as to who she is or will she be a playable character. The consensus among fans and their gathered evidence suggest that the 11-year-old genius is not a playable character but its creator.

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