'Overwatch' New Character Orisa Lore, Weapon, Skills And Abilities. New Hero Now Available In PTR Server

3 March 2017, 5:40 am EST By JP Mobile & Apps

The speculations about the 24th "Overwatch" character finally comes to an end as Blizzard finally introduce the game's next playable character, Orisa. The new character can now be played by PC Players on the game's Public Test Region server.

The new "Overwatch" character, Orisa, is the sixth tank in the game. Fan theories that the game's next character is a spider-like tank created by 11-year old genius Efi Oladel were proven correct with the introduction of Orisa.

In the game's lore, Orisa was invented by Oladele using the scraps from an OR15 defense robot. The 11-year old scientist was inspired to build the robot after witnessing one of the game's most notorious villains, the still unplayable Doomfist, wreak havoc.

Orisa is a Tank type hero that is able to absorb heavy damage and shield teammates from attacks. The class and skill set of the new "Overwatch" character are in line with the game's lore that the spider-like tank is invented by Efi Oladel to serve as a security robot to protect her community.

The "Overwatch" next playable character's main weapon is the Fusion Driver. The hero's primary weapon is able to deal constant damage to enemy heroes but slows down Orisa's movement.

The hero's alternate fire, Halt, allows Orisa to launch a charge that can be detonated to slow enemy's movement. Halt is also able to pull enemy units towards the point of explosion.

The newest "Overwatch" hero's abilities are Fortify and Protective Barrier. Fortify makes Orisa immune to action-impairing effects. The ability also reduces the amount of damage that the hero takes.

When activated, the Protective Barrier Orisa ability deploys a stationary barrier. The barrier, when deployed, is able to block enemy attacks. The Ultimate of Orisa in "Overwatch" is Supercharge that deploys a device that boosts teammates' attack damage within its line of sight.

Orisa is now available on the game's Public Test Region server for PC players. There is no announcement yet when the new "Overwatch" character will go live in the game.

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