'Overwatch' Hints At Two New Character Additions? Blizzard Releases Teaser [Update]

27 February 2017, 11:28 pm EST By Louise Bonquin Mobile & Apps

"Overwatch" might be getting two new characters and it is possible that they will be introduced at the same time. The idea of the new additions in the game came after fans noticed that Blizzard has been teasing about the launching of the 24th playable character.

The teasers have been more frequent now so everyone believes that it is coming very soon. And while many already think that it will be Doomfist, the hints that have been released the past days seems to be pointing at someone else. Moreover, the game developer may have indicated that not one but two are up to be introduced.

Perhaps, the direction has changed and upon close inspection, the potential candidates for "Overwatch" 24th playable hero is not Doomfist but an 11-year-old Efi Oladele? She was previously shown an inventor who was recognized by the Adawe Foundation for her extraordinary feats in the world of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Efi builds robots and drones that are helpful to her on some occasions. Given her ability, there is a theory that this will be Efi's character if she is indeed the next playable character to be released. She will be someone who uses robotics in combats.

On the other hand, some believe that with her impressive skills, it is also possible that she will only be featured in "Overwatch" as someone who will create the next hero. If this idea is right, then the upcoming character could be a robot.

Then again, many reports stated that it will still be Doomfist even if Blizzard delayed his arrival. Some fans pointed out that Blizzard even signed Terry Crews to voice this character.

Now, the confusion heightened when on Feb. 17 game director Jeff Kaplan posted on "Overwatch" forums, "24 is not who you think it is." Does he mean that it will not be Doomfist like everyone is expecting?

If not him, who will it be? Game Rant stated that there Doomfist and Efi Oladeleare are at the top candidates' list. Either of them could be chosen by Blizzard but it is also possible to release the two at the same time since "Overwatch" has done this before.

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