'Battlefield 1' They Shall Not Pass DLC Map Fort de Vaux Has A Zombie! Resembles Operations Metro & Locker

24 February 2017, 11:43 am EST By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

A new map in "Battlefield 1" They Shall Not Pass DLC on CTE has been revealed. Fort de Vaux map has a Zombie and it reminds us of its previous installments, Operation Metro and Operation Locker.

The Fort de Vaux Map is one of the four maps that will be included in the upcoming They Shall Not Pass DLC. Fort de Vaux is consists of expansive wastelands above ground. It also has a network of underground tunnels and the big fort itself. From the footage provided by Westie, it seems like we will be having much close-quarter combat in this "Battlefield 1" map. It also resembles the numerous corridors of Operation Metro and Operation Locker.

Fort de Vaux was the second to crumble to the Germans in the Battle of Verdun after Fort Douaumont. In contrast with Fort Douaumont, the Fort Vaux was not destroyed by the German's heavy artillery. Its structures remained and its inner corridors and stations were in one piece.

"Battlefield 1" They Shall Not Pass DLC on CTE revealed that the outside of Fort de Vaux is an expansive open territory with trenches providing the only cover leading to the garrison. You will most likely encounter the entire Scout community outside while the inner corridors will be dotted with Assault and Support players.

Meanwhile, in a separate video, uploaded by PVP Live, this latest map from the "Battlefield 1" They Shall Not Pass DLC on CT revealed Zombies screaming. The developer has achieved a great feat in planting and hiding the Easter egg from players for their dog tag prize. This time, however, the hidden zombies were not concealed very well. The footage revealed the sound of a zombie roaming around in one of the isolation containment units in the inner corridors of the garrison.

DICE appears to be working on expanding the easter egg hunt within the "Battlefield 1" They Shall Not Pass DLC. If this is the case with the zombies in Fort de Vaux, it will be up to the community to look for the clues and decipher their meanings, which happens all the time.

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