Google Pixel XL Is Way Faster on Verizon Than on T-Mobile; Network Engineers Says Its Software Related

25 February 2017, 10:00 am EST By Coco Dollanganger Mobile & Apps

Google Pixel XL has amazed everyone by its excellent specs and features particularly its high-quality camera and has been competing with other big and distinguished smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S Line and iPhones. Recently, the device has been tested as to how it performs with different carriers or networks.

Reports say that Cellular Insights took a deep test on Google Pixel XL and its testing, the 3x Carrier Aggregation, which is a feature that merges different LTE bands for amazingly fast speeds doesn't work on T-Mobile but unbelievably works on Verizon. The result shows that T-Mobile subscribers get slower speeds compared to the Verizon users although the two carriers are completely equal in one location.

According to BGR, it's going to be a disadvantage to all T-Mobile subscribers as they won't know that it's actually the Google Pixel XL causing the slow speeds and not the network itself. It appears that T-Mobile's reason for lacking the 3x Carrier Aggregation has something to do with its software.

Google advertises the 3x Carrier Aggregation as a feature for the Google Pixel XL and it performs well on Verizon. According to Cellular Insights, T-Mobile is one of the first U.S. carriers to roll out the 3x Carrier Aggregation and one of the first global operators to set off the DL-256QAM, UL-64QAM, EVS among others and that they are hoping that one of the impending Google OTA updates should fix the T-Mobile certain carrier profile to allow the Google Pixel XL to fully take advantage of the network.

Moreover, this is because Verizon is the exclusive network retail partner for the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL in the United States. For those who want the smartphone on T-Mobile, they will have to purchase it entirely unlocked from Google and obtain their own T-Mobile SIM.

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