Expected Features And Improvements Of Apple’s Next Update, The iOS 11

25 February 2017, 9:30 am EST By Cris Xander Juliano Mobile & Apps

Every year, Apple releases major updates to its iOS platform. But this year marks the 10th anniversary of the OS which will make it that much special. Apple is expected to bring software updates that are in line with the new hardware such as the iPhone 8. These are the expected features and improvements of the iOS 11 according to International Business Times.

Siri may have been the first intelligent voice assistant from a major smartphone manufacturer, but it's certainly having a difficult time keeping up with the competition. The Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have made their way to smartphones and smart devices as well.

Both are capable of doing much more things such as letting users' book tickets and pay using their voices. Siri, on the other hand, simply answers questions based on Google searches, conducts conversations based on pre-recorded responses and setting reminders.

Apple is expected to improve Siri after the acquisition of Australian start-up Turi which lets developers create apps with machine learning and AI capabilities.

Meanwhile, the enhanced 3D Touch feature makes use of the device's pressure-sensitive display to respond to user inputs. In the next update, this feature is expected to be employed throughout the body of the device, replacing physical buttons with pressure-sensitive ones embedded inside.

The company is also planning to use indoor navigation software and drones to improve this functionality to keep up with Google Maps. It is reported that the update will bring new features such as views of buildings and improvements to car navigation.

Rumors are also rife that Apple might introduce a SnapChat-like video sharing app. This is the company's way of integrating social network applications with iOS.

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