‘Pokémon GO’ Performance Update: Did Gen 2 Mess Up The Game Mechanics? Players Voice Opinions Following Android v0.57.3, iOS v1.27.3 Announcement

27 February 2017, 8:17 am EST By Arianne Gift Mobile & Apps

On Saturday, Feb. 25, the "Pokémon GO" team announced that the game is getting a new update soon. Version 0.57.3 for the Android OS and version 1.27.3 for iOS is set to implement performance improvements that most Trainers have been complaining about since the Gen 2 Update rollout.

Immediately after tweeting the upcoming update, "Pokémon GO" trainers jumped in on the thread to voice out what they want to see next in the game. As expected, some players asked for the Gen 3 to be added to the mobile app already. The idea is far-fetched, however, considering the performance update will mainly address the issues Gen 2 Update has as of the moment.

Meanwhile on Reddit, trainers have shared what they want fixed with the upcoming "Pokémon GO" performance update. On a subreddit revolving around Niantic's tweet, trainers asked for random crashes to be fixed. Others also pointed out that the game has been freezing at white screen while loading it.

In another subreddit, "Pokémon GO" players vented how throwing curveballs has become noticeably awkward than before. Reddit user NickLeMec stated in the subreddit he opened: "I feel like it's impossible to adapt to the new throwing mechanics because you basically don't throw anymore." Another Redditor with the handle zoeypayne  reiterated NickLeMec's frustration, saying: "Same problem... It's nice they have the first throw catch bonus, but I'm certain I'm getting less great throws, so I'm definitely nettling less XP with the new physics."

Surprisingly, some players claim that the issues are only present in the iPhone version of "Pokémon GO." Reddit user Tsathoggua-PoGo, for example, said that the iPhone app always crashes when in high activity: lures, lucky eggs, gym fighting, etc.

Do you think the "Pokémon GO" Gen 2 Update messed up the game mechanics? What have been your problems so far? Tell us in the comment section below.

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