'Pokemon Go' Water Festival Event: Shiny Pokemon & Other Updates Have Just Arrived!

23 March 2017, 6:42 am EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps

Niantic Labs has kicked off the "Water Festival," a new "Pokemon Go" event focused on water type Pokemon. Conversely, the massive AR game will be releasing shiny creatures to treat loyal fans.

Pokemon that live near the water will spawn more frequently for the week-long event. According to BGR, for the first time, players can finally find a shiny Pokemon along the banks.

Pokemon Go and Silph Road Reddit communities were the first to discover a shiny Magikarp. The event finally confirms the shiny creatures.

Additionally, the lustrous Magikarp can evolve into a shiny red Gyarados. All you need is 400 candies to do the transformation.

Players that have caught the shiny Pokemon said that they don't appear different on the map. The creatures only appear different when players actually tap on them. It's interesting that a unique warning will also pop up when you transfer them to the professor.

So far, sightings of other shiny Pokemon has not yet appeared except for the Magikarp. It's possible that other shiny creatures will appear within the week. Several fans are already keeping an eye out for other lustrous looking Pokemon.

Niantic is hoping that the event can lure old players back into the game. In the recent months, the game's popularity has dwindled due to repetitive gameplay. Aside from the Water Festival, the game has also unveiled the 7-day PokeStop streak bonus.

In other news, several key updates have been notably observed during the event. According to Express, the Silph Road team has been able to discover several changes to the hit AR game.

Among the changes include tweaks in the game's environment. Day and night skies have seen a slight redesign, with the night sky now lighter and at a higher resolution.

Independent star players have also been reportedly observed. Including independently rotating cloud layers. The changes could be the first step towards having weather conditions in "Pokemon Go."

Redeemable Passcodes have also been observed by the Silph Road team. The team theorized that this could be a way to give out coupon codes for redeemable items in the game. Stay tuned for updates.

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