Caezar Sotto

Bose's Latest Lawsuit Is An Alarming Reminder That Our Gadgets Can Steal Private Data

Invasion of privacy coming from consumer electronics? Apparently, it's getting worse by the day.

Caezar Sotto April 22, 2017

Is Apple Taking Chances On This Iphone 8 Design? If So Fans Are Not So Happy About It

Fingerprint sensor at the back of the iPhone 8? is Apple really serious about this design?

Caezar Sotto April 21, 2017

Code Vein: Bandai Namco's Vampiristic Version Of The Dark Souls Series

Is it over for the Dark Souls era? Or is Bandai Namco repackaging the game with a new vampire skin with Code Vein?

Caezar Sotto April 20, 2017

Goodbye Bothersome Ads, Google is Planning To Build An Ad-Blocking Tool For The Chrome Browser

According to various reports, Google is planning to add a built-in ad blocker to its Chrome Browser.

Caezar Sotto April 20, 2017

Xbox Live Issues Reported On Xbox One Earlier Today

Microsoft's Xbox Live Network seems to have run into some minor issues.

Caezar Sotto April 19, 2017

Steve Ballmer Launches New Tool That Accounts US Government Spending

This Tax Day, Balmer started, its a website that gives North America's plain Janes and ordinary Joe's a big picture of where their tax money ends up.

Caezar Sotto April 19, 2017

HTC's Latest Vive Bundles Lets You Have The Latest Nvidia GPU For $200 Less

HTC has given us more reasons to invest in their virtual reality headset.

Caezar Sotto April 19, 2017

For the Future Of Better Network Services: T-Mobile Wins Big At Latest FCC Spectrum Auction

T-Mobile seems to have won one of its most significant victories in the FCC's latest 600MHz spectrum sale.

Caezar Sotto April 19, 2017

Latest Free iOS Games: These 3 Titles Are Guaranteed To Bring You Hours Of Fun

Looking for a game to kill time, check out Apples latest line of free games.

Caezar Sotto April 19, 2017

Breaking Down The Iphone 8: Apple Reportedly Having Trouble With In Glass Fingerprint Sensor

Trouble in paradise? These are fast becoming the sentiments of many tech experts for the upcoming iPhone 8.

Caezar Sotto April 18, 2017

Remembering The Man That Started The Internet: ARPANET Creator Robert William Taylor Dies At 85

Robert William Taylor dies at the age of 85 at his home in Woodside, California according to various reports

Caezar Sotto April 17, 2017

Live Images of the HTC U Ocean Leak: It's Ready To Save The Subpar Ultra U

HTC is regrouping to deliver a better unit to redeem its predecessor's shortcomings.

Caezar Sotto April 17, 2017

Google and Huawei Is Looking At A Potential Class-Action Lawsuit Over Boot-Looping Nexus 6P Units

The makers of the Nexus 6P is apparently in the center of a potential class-action lawsuit.

Caezar Sotto April 17, 2017

Moto Z2 Force Rumors: The Smartphone Won't Be A Verizon Exclusive According To Prolific Industry Tipster

It seems that the Moto Z2 Force will be available for other US network carriers.

Caezar Sotto April 17, 2017

Save Your Eyes, Here Are The Steps To Activate YouTube's Dark Mode

If you want to save your eyes, just follow these simple steps.

Caezar Sotto April 16, 2017

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