Bose's Latest Lawsuit Is An Alarming Reminder That Our Gadgets Can Steal Private Data

22 April 2017, 7:53 am EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps

Invasion of privacy coming from consumer electronics? Apparently, it's getting worse by the day, with Bose being the latest perpetrator of an alleged data breach.

Bose's latest lawsuit isn't the first time that tech companies have figured themselves in violating user privacy. Recently a "Smart" dildo company was sued for tracking its user's habits. Also, Vizio had the same predicament when they sold their customer's viewing habits without their consent.

The growing number of complaints seems to show that tech companies are willing to gamble their stakes to invade private data. Alarmingly, a thing that's becoming a trend in the competitive consumer electronic market.

According to Fortune, Kyle Zak filed the case in Federal Court in Chicago on Tuesday for allegedly intercepting and collecting media information in his smartphone when he connects it with the QuietComfort 35. It might sound innocent at first, but the reality is it shows private tech companies can easily eavesdrop on individuals without them knowing.

Zak claimed that Bose's Connect app collected the titles and general info for every song, podcast and other audio files that he listened to when he paired his QuietComfort 35 headset. In the lawsuit, the Illinois native also alleged that Segment, a Bay area software company receives the data to route for analytics and marketing firms.

Bose's Connect app latest license agreement does say it may collect, transmit, and store data to third parties but it does not mention the collection of the audio data file.

We may laud Mr. Zak's actions, but other companies might have been doing the same practice for many years. We should keep in mind that most of these so-called "license agreement." often vaguely depict policies.

What's even worse is that most of the companies get away with private data breach without even us knowing.

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