For the Future Of Better Network Services: T-Mobile Wins Big At Latest FCC Spectrum Auction

19 April 2017, 5:46 am EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps

T-Mobile seems to have won one of its most significant victories in the FCC's latest 600MHz spectrum sale. The US-based network carrier allegedly got 45 percent of the signal range.

According to Fortune, the company spent $8 billion to acquire the former TV broadcast spectrum. Coming hot in second is Dish Network that spent $6.2 billion to get 25 percent of the 600MHz range. Comcast came in third with a $1.7 billion bid.

Surprisingly Sprint and Verizon did not make their bids.

 Why The FCC Auction Was Important

Unknown to many the Federal Communications Commission is taking in steps to provide American's with better mobile network coverage. The initiative aims to boost signals by auctioning off unused TV airwaves for network providers to expand their signal spectrums.

The importance of the auction is quite clear and straightforward, to provide Network providers more room to operate in the future. Although implementation of the changes is still not apparent, the commission is doing its best to make this all possible.

Recently, the FCC closed its broadcast incentive auction before the Easter weekend as part of repurposing unused TV airwaves for most of North America's mobile network carriers.

In its first phase, the FCC conducted a reverse auction that allowed 175 TV broadcasters to sell their spectrums. In the second phase, the Commission sold the signal range to several US cellular carriers that enabled them to profit $19.8 billion.

TV broadcasters that have sold their spectrums will get $10 billion out of the auction. They are given 39 months to move their stations to new channel assignments.

The FCC also made sure that smaller networks will also have their spectrum allocations. According to Inc, the commission realized that rural network carriers wouldn't have any chance against AT&T and Verizon. For their part, the Federal Commission specially carved out some spectrum for these small enterprises. Stay tuned for updates.

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