The End Of The NES Classic Edition: Nintendo Discontinues The Production Of The Classic Console

14 April 2017, 3:59 pm EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps

Nintendo is reportedly pulling the plug for the NES Classic Edition. According to various reports, a company representative confirmed that the last shipments of the plug-and-play classic console would arrive in stores later this month.

According to Polygon, game retailers will not receive new units once the stock dries up. In the article's comment section, scores of people have hit Nintendo with harsh criticism after the announcement.

The website added that Nintendo did not intend the NES Classic Edition as a long-term product. However, due to its success, the company was forced to continue its production up until the yesterday's decision.

The new shipments never made it easy for enthusiasts to grab hold of the classic console. Although retailers made restocks, the console would quickly sell out in stores in a matter of minutes.

Reportedly, third party resellers took advantage of the situation by overpricing the NES Classic Edition.

Along with the NES, Nintendo will also discontinue the NES Classic Controller. The separately sold console peripheral is compatible with both the Wii and Wii U systems. It plugs into the Wii Remote for NES Virtual Console games.

Despite its short lifespan, Nintendo still has managed to sell 1.5 million units as of late January. Aside from the NES, the console's mini Japanese version, the Famicom Classic Edition has also ended its production.

The success of the NES Classic Edition caught the world by surprise. Although Nintendo heavily advertised its hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch, game purists, and nostalgic gamers instead opted for the classic game system.

The classic game system became so popular with collectors that Nintendo eventually declared a supply shortage for the NES Classic Edition.

The Japanese company behind the hit console declined to further comment on the announcement. Stay tuned for more details.

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