Code Vein: Bandai Namco's Vampiristic Version Of The Dark Souls Series

20 April 2017, 11:58 am EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps

Is it over for the Dark Souls era? Or is Bandai Namco repackaging the game with a new vampire skin with Code Vein? I guess we'll have wait for the new title's 2018 launch.

After the release of the first DS game, many fans have been wondering if this will be the franchise's last game. Apparently, we've all taken the ride with three games that gave us the gaming world's best boss fights.

The Dark Souls series taught us the importance of perseverance and hard work, most importantly the grind that rewards us with absolute satisfaction. But despite the game's success, DS III seems to have exhausted the franchise.

Notwithstanding the Ringed City update, Dark Souls seems to have reached its endgame. Similar games like Diablo III are also losing much of its face value because of its repetitiveness and lack of new content.

Maybe, Dark Souls has reached the same predicament... So what do the guys in Bandai do? Repackage the whole game and call it "Code Vein."

The new third-person action-RPG will allegedly hit PS4 and Xbox One consoles sometime in 2018. There is still no word if the game will have a PC port but judging from Dark Souls' success it is highly likely.

Recently, Bandai Namco released the game's official synopsis (you can read it here via GameSpot), and we're already seeing some similarities with the Dark Souls series.

For a start, you'll be starting off in a desolate world that's taken by tragedy and destruction. In the game, player's take control of a Revenant (Does this sound familiar with Hollows) and can make use of items called Blood Veils (Souls) to enhance a players ability known as gifts.

From the looks of it's it already sounds so much like Dark Souls with a vampire twist. Aside from those observations, players will also have a vast array of weapons that fit a character's gift.

Okay, I'll stop here, we know there won't be a Dark Souls IV anytime soon but "Code Vein," is probably DS I, II, and III with anime presentation and a vampire backstory.

What do you think about Bandai Namco's new game? Leave your comments below.

As a Revenant, players can make use of items called Blood Veils, which drain the blood of enemies to enhance the player's abilities, known as Gifts.

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