Breaking Down The Iphone 8: Apple Reportedly Having Trouble With In Glass Fingerprint Sensor

18 April 2017, 3:54 am EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps

Trouble in paradise? These are fast becoming the sentiments of many tech experts for the upcoming iPhone 8. Undoubtedly, reports of delays and other obstacles are pushing the guys in Cupertino for a late release.

If the alleged rumors are true, Apple could be facing one hell of a wall. Most especially with Samsung gaining back its momentum for its Galaxy S8 devices.

Apparently, there is another issue circulating in the internet of things, and it concerns one of the iPhone's main features, its fingerprint sensor.

According to Fortune, Apple is having trouble in getting its new fingerprint sensor to work. Various sources have stated (including an analyst that wrote to Investors on Sunday) that the iPhone makers were hoping to put the sensor on the phone's screen.

Considering the Cupertino-based company's penchant for innovation, it would have been a game changer. Sadly things are not working as they hoped for the iPhone 8.

Previous reports have confirmed that Apple is indeed working on a major redesign for the upcoming 10th-anniversary edition iPhone. Reportedly, the guys at Cupertino are remodeling its flagship to an all glass design and a bezel-less display that's similar to the Galaxy S8 series.

In hopes of making a radical facelift, Apple toyed with the idea of having the fingerprint sensor inside the iPhone 8's screen. If the heads of the company's design department moved on with its plan, it would have turned the upcoming iPhone's entire display into a touchscreen.

Case in point, the new model, would omit Apple's trademark home button where the fingerprint sensor resided since the iPhone 5S.

That is where the concern is at because, at the moment, the new gimmick seems to have run into some trouble. Notably, Samsung pushed for the same technology when they were busy making the Galaxy S8.

However, weeks before the smartphone's release, Samsung honestly told consumers that the technology was not working properly at that time. Samsung was forced to offer the traditional fingerprint sensor that we've all been familiar with through previous Galaxy models.

If Apple has the same dilemma, it might have to omit the new feature. In a worst case scenario, a whole redesign might be in the making, pushing the iPhone 8's release further back to the window.

Rumor has it that Apple's fingerprint module provider has not yet received significant orders from the firm. Analysts from Pacific Crest thus deduced that such action might suggest that the iPhone maker's fingerprint sensor technology is not yet ready.

If push comes to shove, the tech giant might eventually settle for a less dramatic design. The Motley Fool might have had the best phrase to describe the current situation. "Cutting-edge innovation is tough to bring into mass production."

Good luck Apple.

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