Microsoft Sued For Millions Over 'Negligent' Windows 10 Upgrade

28 March 2017, 4:35 pm EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps

Several individuals are taking Microsoft to court due to a Windows 10 upgrade. The plaintiffs are claiming that it is negligently designed and is unfit for purpose.

The three individuals believe that specific harm was directly caused by the OS. Stephanie Watson claims that Windows 10 installed without her consent. She believes that the upgrade destroyed some data and was nonrepairable, causing her to buy a new PC.

The class suit claims that "many' consumers have had their drives fail because of the upgrade. The suit also claimed that the OS did not do any checks if a users drive can withstand the stress of the installation.

Robert Saiger (one of the plaintiffs) did agree to the upgrade but it still cost him his computer. According to his claim, Windows 10 caused his existing software to stop functioning. Saiger incurred the costs of reconstructing and replacing the alleged lost data. His suit also claims that the OS update did not bother to check for system compatibility.

Plaintiff Howard Goldberg eventually accepted the upgrade after declining it for six months. His claim is similar to Watson's and Saiger's case, that lead to the same malfunction.

He believed that the download "damaged" his PC after trying to install it three times. He added that it caused his PC to incur data loss which led to lost revenue.

Surprisingly, the suit is claiming that Windows 10 breached its implied warranty. The plaintiffs believe that Microsoft should have warned them of the possible damage. They added that the company should have told consumers to make backups ahead of the upgrade.

The suit continued to lambaste Microsoft after it allegedly claimed the company's negligence. The suit stated that the company failed to "exercise care in "designing" the upgrade. Moreover, the plaintiffs believe that company knew about the OS' "harmful propensities."

Microsoft responded to the suit and believed that the plaintiff's claims are without merit. According to the company, a customer that upgraded to Windows 10 had"numerous options." The company said they had free customer support hotline if ever a user needs help with the install. Users also have 31 days to roll back to their old operating system.

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