Google Calendar Finally Has an Optimized Version For The Apple iPad

30 March 2017, 12:12 pm EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps

Finally, Google's Calendar app is now available for the Apple iPad. The long awaited app will finally make its debut on the iOS device.

According to PCMag, the marque application's arrival on the iPad is a well received by users. The app provides a view of calendars that they have shared trough Google's service.

It's similar to how Google docs work, but instead of files and documents, it shows a user's saved dates. The calendar app also has the ability to find time and space for a meeting with other people in their organization. Conversely, it's a feature that the native Apple calendar app does not have.

The announcement is hardly a surprise coming from Google who owns the Android operating system. The company frequently ships new apps and features for devices running on its mobile OS.

In a post by PCWorld, the Google Calendar isn't completely unavailable for iPad users. The app had an iOS version but was not optimized for use on those devices up until today's statement.

The move is a part of Google's push to make its G Suite useful to as many people. Moreover, it also targets owners of other OS platforms including the Apple's iOS.

Aside from their global motive, Google is keen on getting its customers to switch to its G Suite. Surprisingly, most users still prefer Microsoft's Office Suite.

Microsoft also offers its own calendar app for the iPad in the form of Outlook for iOS. The tech giant's app for the iOS operating system has been part of the device since 2015.

In the future expect Google to unleash more iOS-specific feature apps. Currently, other Google services on Apple's OS include the Google Drive. The productivity suite is an all in one app that allows users to access different kinds of work related documents.

Currently, the Google Drive is now getting the attention of many office users. The apps include various in-app programs including Google Docs and Google Sheets.

The productivity suite also gives users 15GB of free storage whenever they sign up for the app. Stay tuned for updates.

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