Step Back Windows, Android Is Now The World's Most Popular OS In Terms Of Internet Usage

4 April 2017, 8:31 am EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps

Android seems to be on a roll after it has become more popular than Windows worldwide. The information came from a major web traffic tool of an Irish market measuring firm.

According to the report, this the first time the OS has overtaken Windows since the 1980's. StatCounter's "statistics are largely based on aggregate data collected from... 3 million websites."

This isn't actually the first time that StatCounter has predicted changing trends. Five years ago, the tool had a controversial take on two of the world's popular web browsers. The tool headlined that Chrome had already overtaken the Internet Explorer in popularity.

The increasing number of Android users might have had a factor in the changing trend. In its official statement, StatCounter stated that "Microsoft no longer owns the most dominant OS... Android is now the world's most popular operating system in terms of internet usage."

The new information ends Windows dominance that it held for almost 37 years. More importantly, it shows how Android was able to break through the graphs. The smartphone OS only held 2.4 percent of global internet usage share five years ago.

Aside from Android's usage share rocketing up the charts, there is another trend in the mill. In the same analysis tool report, Microsoft's Edge browser is now losing much of its usage share. The Windows browser is losing its relevance since Chrome took its place 5 years ago.

According to the data, from 3.68 percent in February, the browser's share hit 3.64 percent in March. Although it's a small of dip, things might take a drastic turn in the future as Chrome is getting popular by the day.

In other stats, Windows 10 has finally surpassed Windows 7 on desktop PC in the US. The stats are all taken from StatCounter data, stay tuned for more updates.

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