Microsoft Surface Phone Or Surface Pro 5 Likely To Feature Dual-Sided Screen, Patent Suggests [VIDEO]

6 April 2017, 7:18 am EDT By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps

With the recent launch of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8, and the Galaxy S8+ smartphones and the arrival of the equally anticipated iPhone 8 just around the corner, smartphone enthusiasts got a lot to shout about this year, and if a recently discovered patent is anything to go by, tech buffs can look forward to getting their hands on a foldable Microsoft Surface Phone in near future.

Thanks to the hype surrounding Microsoft Surface Phone, the internet is rife with all sorts of rumors and leaks about the Redmond-based tech titan's new flagship smartphone dubbed, the Surface Phone. Adding more fuel to the already burning rumors about the purported handset, a Microsoft-made patent has found its way on the internet.

As expected, tech pundits and other sources began hazarding guesses regarding the recently surfaced patent without wasting too much time, some even going as far as claiming that it is associated with two of Microsoft's most awaited devices -- the Surface Phone and the Surface Pro 5. Interestingly, the patent seems to be hinting at a device featuring dual display.

While this sneaking suspicion stirred conversations among smartphone lovers, it's worth noting that the device in the patent looks more like a tablet, and not a smartphone. It offers a peek at an unnamed device that features a regular screen on one side, while its other side seems to be made of electronic paper, according to Express.

If this comes to fruition, there will be no need for Type Cover accessory that the Surface Pro 4 comes with. Plus, the patent shows that the second screen could be used to control the device's music choice and play games as well.

The e-paper screen, on the other hand, could probably transform into a bunch of buttons/controls that allow users to interactively play their favorite games on the device. There's also a possibility that the patent could actually be hinting at a newfangled feature that the Surface Phone is likely to come with.

This theory coincides with a previous report from The Verge that indicated the Surface Phone might have a foldable form factor with two or three displays. However, none of the previously surfaced reports about the Microsoft Surface Phone got a nod from the software giant, and not everyone seemed convinced either.

Another report from TrustedReviews centering on the latest patent, which was filed in September last year, say it might be for a tablet design rather than the Surface Phone. Since the e-paper section is expected to be a cover, removable and more importantly, touch sensitive, the report suggests that Microsoft could be prepping a new e-paper Surface or Surface Pro cover.

Nothing is set in stone yet and Microsoft seems to be in no mood to divulge more details regarding the long-rumored Surface Phone and the Surface Pro 5 devices. Besides, tech gurus believe it's highly unlikely that the company might come out with this kind of technology.

Zealous Surface fans who have restlessly been waiting for the new Surface Phone's launch should bear in mind that companies usually use a patent to protect their ideas and not to suggest what aces they have up their sleeve. But fret not; more concrete details are likely to surface online in near future and you can watch this space for more Surface Phone and Surface Pro 5 related news and updates!

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