Android & iOS devices Can Be Breached By Malicious Wi-Fi Networks According To Reports

9 April 2017, 1:53 pm EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps

No software is completely devoid of bugs. In most cases, the extent these glitches can range depending on severity. Issues that go with these technological imperfections can cause apps to crash. Or even worse, allow hackers to invade your secure device and wreak havoc on user privacy.

Recently, a Google security researcher revealed a flaw that affects today's operating systems. The scary thing about the new flaw is that it involves one of the common gateways of a user's smartphone.

Gal Beniamini revealed in his blog that a hacker within the range of a WiFi network can hack both the Android and iOS systems. More importantly, these men can execute an arbitrary code on a targeted device even if a user has a secure WiFi connection.

The scary part is, hackers can have full control of a smartphone without the usual suspects. Usually, these exploits can execute via a fraudulent link or a bug-infested file download.

In the case of Beniamini's discovered threat, hackers can access the device only with WiFi. Luckily the guys at Apple has already addressed the flaw with the release of iOS 10.3.1.

iPhone and iPad users only have to update their current firmware to prevent the glitch. Unfortunately, Android users are not that lucky.

According to ArsTechnica, there's apparently no easy way to get the fix immediately. Google continues to stagger the release of its monthly update to eligible devices up until now.

But before jumping out of your horses, there is no proof that the hack has been used in real life. You can check out Gal Beniamini's extensive report on his blog site.

In other news, Android is security is becoming less of a problem according to a new report. In a post by Wired, more people are investing in security today compared to the past few years.

The reason... more users are now updating their Android OS to protect them from future attacks.

Android Security director Adrian Ludwig stated that 50% of the 1.4 billion Android users had an upgrade for 2016. He also added that the number is a sign of good progress, but it does not mean that they're done. Stay tuned for updates.

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