Huawei Matebook Latest News: Upcoming Devices Anticipated To Return As 3 Hybrid 2-in-1 Devices

15 April 2017, 11:38 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Huawei has been reportedly working on a new 2-in-1 tablet. This project started a few months ago and targets to be a direct competition with the Surface Pro.

Previously, it was rumored that Huawei is working on three different devices, which comes with different designs also. However, it seems that at this moment, the company is working on three Matebook tablets. It is expected that this trio will be unveiled at Computex this coming June.

Tech Radar reported that Evan Blass, as a popular leakster, stated that Huawei is actually working on three different MateBook tablets and not just two. The tablets are nicknamed as Pascal, Bell and Watt. These MateBook tablets are said to be carrying the model designations as MateBook E, X, and D. Though this information is still vague. Blass even added that among the three Matebooks, two are more likely to appear like a laptop and only one truly appears to be a tablet.

Another leakster in the name of Roland Quandt, reported by Digitaltrends is good enough to post the benchmark result of Huawei Pascal. Apparently, the tablet reached the Geekbench. The device got a pretty decent score from the reviews. It received 3651 in single-core score and 6788 in multi-core score. Surely, this device is a good performer.

Few details about the tablet were also highlighted by the Geekbench result. These are the dual-core Intel i5-7200U processor which run the device at 2.7GHz with enabled multi-threading. It is partnered by ample amount of RAM, having an 8GB. Windows 10 is running the device as its operating system, says MSPoweruser.

Another advantage that Huawei could have in the Matebook is its port. It was earlier said that Microsoft would not include the Thunderbolt 3 in the soon to be released Surface pro 5. Having Thunderbolt 3 as a port, the functionality of the tablet can be maximized through connections from an external display or an eGPU.

Until now, it is not included in the leaks how much would this device will cost. The unveiling of the said tablets will be done by Huawei probably a few months from now. It is rumored that it will happen together with the Computex event, which will be held in Taiwan

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