Google Likely to Face Class Action Lawsuit for Nexus 6P Shutdown and Bootloop Issue [VIDEO]

17 April 2017, 6:13 am EDT By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

LG and Apple are both currently facing several lawsuits against then over some faults that have been found on their products. Now, Google may be joining the group as a new class action lawsuit is reportedly being prepared for them due to the problems that were found on their Huawei-made Nexus 6P smartphones.

Apple has recently been taken to court due to an update that they released, which allegedly "bricked" hundreds of iPhones that had been serviced by third-party technicians. LG, on the other hand, is facing a case regarding its infamous boot loop issue that has affected several of its devices, including the LG V10, LG V20, Nexus 5X, LG G4 and the LG G5.

According to XDA Developers, a law firm in the United States is now preparing a case against Google in regards to the early shut-off and boot looping issue that has been reported by a good number of customers. Chimicles & Tikellis LLP (C&T) has even put up a form on their website, asking customers who are affected by the issue to contact them so that they will receive their due compensation following the class action lawsuit against Google.

The problem with the Huawei-built Nexus 6P is relatively similar to the shut-off problem that was experienced by Apple on its iPhone 6 and 6s models. According to CNET, some devices reportedly power down automatically despite there being some charge left on their smartphones. Users have reported that even if they had 10 to 60 percent of charge left, their phones apparently shut down without warning.

The problem apparently affects those that have updated to Android 7.0 Nougat, but the law firm claims that there are those on Android 6.0 Marshmallow that has reported the same issues as well. Huawei has stood by its claim that the problem does not lie with their hardware, but instead is a software issue. This is also the same case with the boot looping issue, which Huawei claims is also a software problem.

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