Google Home Now Supports Multiple Users, Device Can Be 'trained' to Recognize Voices [VIDEO]

21 April 2017, 6:54 am EDT By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

Google has been teasing users about a possible multi-account feature for their Google Home device for the past several weeks. Now, Google has finally rolled out that feature, which means that the device will now be able to identify each user based on their voice and respond with the appropriate answers related to that person's accounts.

According to GSM Arena, users should now start to get a notification on their Google Home app informing them that the multi-user feature is now available. The feature itself will work with up to six separate users, each having to setup his or her own music, calendar, and other relevant accounts. This allows Google Home to respond to each user's inquiry with answers that are relevant to their specific information.

Each user will, of course, have to "train" the Google Home device to recognize their own unique voice. This is done by saying different phrases during the setup process, which the system then analyzes using a neural network that is able to pinpoint different variations in human voices. After "learning" a voice, the system then ties it to the user's specific accounts.

According to Wired, each new users will be required to download the Google Home app on their smartphone, where they can set up their own customized settings for the device. However, multiple users may also be added to a single smartphone via the linked accounts menu on the Google Home app.

The new feature is certainly a welcome one for most users as the vast majority of homes do have multiple people living in it. Prior to the update, most users would likely have had to purchase their own Google Home device as sharing a single device was impractical. The feature is rolling out in the US starting today. Google has announced that the feature will become available in the UK and other territories "in the coming months."

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