Ever Wondered Why Apple Is Not Challenging Amazon Echo And Google Home? Here’s The Reason Why

19 February 2017, 10:07 am EST By Cris Xander Juliano Mobile & Apps

The Amazon Echo and Google Home are very amazing devices. Both have the capabilities of streaming music and answering your questions just by speaking to it. When it comes to sales, both have been quite popular with Amazon selling an estimated 11 million units. However, Apple is not looking to compete with such devices, and here's the reason according to Time.

When it comes to sales, the iPhone devices are the most popular products of Apple with Siri, its voice-activated digital assistant, built-it. The virtual assistant has made its way to other Apple devices such as Macs, Apple TV and automobiles via Apple's CarPlay platform. With that in mind, Siri will always be with you if you're living in Apple's ecosystem.

Apparently, Apple has no future plans in competing with Google Home or Amazon Alexa because the company is more interested in turning Siri available across all of its devices rather than designing a single device specifically to serve as a Siri machine. The company is also interested in placing its virtual assistant as a control hub for smart home devices.

Take for instance Siri's functionality on the AirPods, which users can summon with a simple double-tap on one of the earbuds giving users a hands-free way to receive answers to simple questions, send text messages and navigate.

Some might say that this is the best direction Apple is going, with delivering Siri that's with you all the time rather than being tied down to a single device and being limited to your home. Amazon, on the other hand, is trying to compete with Apple's direction by bringing Alexa to a number of third parties from automakers to home appliances.

Do you think Apple should create its own smart speaker? Write and share your thoughts on the comments section down below.

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