FaceBook Latest News: Zuckerberg Announced Important Things At F8 2017

22 April 2017, 7:31 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Mark Zuckerberg, the man behind Facebook, announced six most important things during its annual developer conference. Dubbed as F8 2017, the social network enumerated what would be its new products and updates for the existing services.

Number one on the list is the Facebook Spaces. It is the social network's first virtual reality offering. The user will be represented by a digital avatar which can interact with friends and family inside the VR rooms. The virtual reality rooms can range from any space in the outer space to locale places visited by the user using a 360-degree video. Even friends who are not in the VR can be brought in through Facebook Messenger video chat. The user is also allowed to create 3D shapes which can be moved around in the VR. This new feature is really neat, notes ZDNet.

In number two, TIME reports that Facebook camera will be the first mainstream augmented reality platform. The phone's camera or other smart devices will be the medium for this feature. In line with this, Facebook is set to launch several AR tools for the camera in a closed beta. It is called as Camera Effects Platform, collectively. The first product in the platform is the Frame Studio, which enables a creative online editing of frames for pictures taken by Facebook camera. Aside from this, AR Studio will allow developers to create their own masks, filters, animated frames and effects. It aims to help developers in creating AR effects which respond to the environment as well as in the movements and interactions in Live videos.

Right at the number three spot is the launching of Facebook messenger Platform 2.0. The system will be incorporated with more artificial intelligence in order for users to connect with more businesses or it can be the other way around. This new feature includes a Discover tab which will help users finding relevant businesses like the ones near their location. It will also come with parametric codes to enable one bot tap into multiple codes. This can be done through a Messenger camera. In addition, it will also have Chat extensions. This will allow several people at the same time chat with the same business. Games tab found in the Messenger home screen can be used to challenge friends, says Tech Radar.

Fourth on the list is the added features on M digital assistant. This is a part of Messenger's makeover and includes conversation suggestions like stickers and reminders of upcoming events. Tapping into artificial intelligence, M can now recognize people as well as the tasks within the conversations. Statistically speaking, 98% of the conversations revolves around food, the new feature also allow users to order a meal through delivery.com.

Number five is for better business bots. Facebook introduces smart replies for Pages. They can answer the most frequently asked questions through the Wit.ai bot. Not only that, businesses can now create more than one bot with various developers.

Last but not the least, the wireless VR headset. Though Facebook did not state anything regarding this, Mike Schoepfer, Chief Technology Officer of Facebook, explained how this works. He explained that in order to cut the cord, the headset must rely on computer vision. Through the technique called Simultaneous Localization and Mapping or SLAM, the four built in cameras on the headset has the ability to detect the changes in the environment and mirrors the virtual world movements.

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