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24 April 2017, 7:15 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

The gaming world is about to witness the unveiling of Xbox Scorpio's price, specs, games as well as its release date on the upcoming E3 2017 event. Microsoft regards this device as a premium console and most probably, it will be priced much higher than the Xbox One S.

However, a Spanish retailer has already spilled out the cost of the Xbox Scorpio. ExtraLife has been advertising this about to release the console with a price tag of £399, according to DesiXBL. In the UK, it is about £335 and if the advertisement were precise, it would have cost £399, reported Express.

However, Microsoft has incorporated innovative features on this device but its price might be an obstacle for higher record in sales. According to Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, the Xbox Scorpio will compromise to the demands of higher-end consumers and it is just rational to tag it with a higher price also. He added that it will definitely cost higher than S but that is how they are building the Scorpio for, says Pocket-lint.

According to US Gamer, The Microsoft's Spring event on May 2 in New York is unlikely to reveal anything about the Xbox Scorpio, however, on the said event Windows 10 Cloud operating system is reportedly going to be rolled out and aims to overpower the Google's Chrome OS. It is also intended to run Universal Windows Apps. There were some insights that it may affect directly the Xbox One and the Project Scorpio.

Microsoft and Sony might be known for being rivals in the console industry but in reality, they are helping each other to create more advanced VR games. According to Spencer, they have been working together with Sony with the HoloLens and other related stuff. He also said that the VR community is actually collaborative for the reason that this technology is still in the first stages of the development. Virtual Reality might be a big factor in higher sales for the Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro. It is becoming more vital as the fact that the gaming market continues to go forward.

The Xbox Scorpio is said to have more remarkable specs than its predecessor. Its CPU is 30% faster and its GPU is 4.6 times more powerful than the Xbox One. Its 8GB memory enables the console to handle the 4K resolution visuals in higher speed

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