Xbox Two & PS 5 Latest News & Update: The Progress of Each Company's Next-Generation Console

15 April 2017, 11:41 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Microsoft and Sony's ongoing tech war is even fueled by the recent release of Xbox Scorpio intended to compete with the PlayStation 4Pro. In the battle between these two tech giants, presently in favor of Microsoft.

Releasing the Xbox Project Scorpio, it gave Microsoft an ace for this year's competition. It is expected that after four to five years, the tech battle will even heat up when the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 will be released that time.

However, Sony aims to gain an edge and that is an amazing feature that would be present on the next PlayStation 5. PS5 is reportedly going to sport a Photorealism. In this technology, a real photograph is taken and then translated into a different medium. This is considered to be the gaming industry's giant leap, as what was reported at PlayStation Universe.

This news confirms Sony's capability to have this technology. However, according to Jakub Mikyska, a developer from Grip-Digital, this will still not be happening soon. He even compared the Photorealism technology to a moving that moves when it trying to be hit. Mikyska also added that Sony can still a lot of improvement in PS5 the stage of rendering offline film has not yet reached by the company. On the other hand, PS5 is expected to roll out to market in 2020 according to Michael Pachter from Wedbush Morgan Industries.

The revelation of the upcoming Xbox Scorpio contributed to what could be expected for Xbox Two to have, from the specs to features to its monetary value when released to the market. There are rumors that the Xbox Two will be a complete reboot of its original version, released prior to PS2, according to Expert Reviews.

It is said that Microsoft will not release Xbox Two until 2018, so for now, all eyes are focusing on the Xbox Scorpio which has remarkable features. The device comes with a disc-based gaming and GPU which is 4K and VR-enabled Polaris-based AMD., says Ars Technica.

Giving out all of this information, still, Microsoft has not unveiled the final name this console will have. Some reports said that the game console will just be called Xbox Scorpio, disregarding the "One". Other name suggestions include Xbox One Elite and Xbox One Pro.

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