AMD's Latest Ryzen Chipset Drivers Advance Power Efficiency & Gaming Performance

28 April 2017, 3:24 pm EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

The AMD Ryzen chipset drivers v17.10 are now out and ready for downloading over the AMD official website. This is intended for the fulfillment of the company's promise to release the chipset driver package along with the AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan, as well as to improve the gaming performance and power efficiency.

The recently released v17.10 driver installs automatically and enables the activation of AMD Ryzen Balanced as a fourth power plan. It works purposely for AMD Ryzen CPU systems which are run by Windows 10 x64. The Balanced power plan will replace the default power plan of Window 10 and prevent CPU cores from staying too long in an idle state because eventually, it might give a negative impact on the device's gaming performance, says Wccftech.

The plan will also raise clock speeds quickly through decreasing the threshold for P-state transitions and in timers. The feature of Windows 10 core parking which is too aggressive will be cut out for new optimizations boost performance, reported Toms Hardware. The default Windows 10 plan put the core into a sleep state and when the cores are woken up again, additional latency is being introduced before a task is performed.

Also, Digital Trends reported that the latency from slowcore transition phases is boosted from low-power to high-performance state. The new chipset drivers take away the scheduling and responsibilities of power state from the OS and turn them over to the internal AI network or SenseMI of Ryzen. With the SenseMI, the underlying micro-architecture built in the hardware of Ryzen has the capacity to autoregulate itself along with the execution of adjustments to voltage and frequency excellently and fast.

The new version also eradicates the prevalent layer of software based power management which is inherent to the Windows and then let the SenseMI technology of AMD to directly take over the management. This will then allow the Ryzen processor to perform to its full potential. According to Robert Hallock who leads the AMD's technical marketing team, not all games will have the same improvement as the power plans had a great impact to AMD Ryzen processor, however, their team has been maintaining that there are enough games that will benefit from this update.

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