AMD Vega Latest News: CEO Confirms Vega To Launch Before June Ends

3 May 2017, 3:44 pm EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

During the AMD's Q1 2017 earnings call, Dr. Lisa Su, the company's CEO announced that the Vega GPUs are set to be revealed in the second quarter of this year. The next generation graphics architecture is said to cater the markets of gaming, enterprise, and professional workstation.

Su has announced this confirmation as part of the company's earnings report for the first quarter. The tech company was able to book $984 million in revenue, which is 18 percent more than what it had in 2016, however it just managed to lessen the company's losses and haven't completely wipe them out. Elaborating about the upcoming Vega architecture key features for Vega GPUs according to Anand Tech to have 4 times power efficiency, 2 times peak performance per clock, 8 times capacity per stack, 2 times bandwidth per pin, high bandwidth cache, 512 TB virtual address space, next generation compute engine, next generation computer unit optimized for higher clock speeds, next generation pixel engine, rapid packed math, draw stream binning rasterizer, and primitive shaders.

As part of the Radeon's latest 14nm graphics architecture, Vega architecture is a vital representation of AMD's Graphics Core Next architecture which the company introduces last 2011. Since that year, the GCN technology was used by Sony and Microsoft for their graphics board, professional solutions and gaming consoles Vega's compute unit is brand new, that is why it is regarded higher than the previous iteration of GCN architecture. Vega was able to deliver performance that exceeds the famous GTX 1080 of NVIDIA when it was tested through various hands-on performance demos which included DOOM and Star Wars Battlefront played at 4K, WCCFTech reported.

The upcoming Vega GPUs will not only have a next generation compute engine, it will also have new pixel engine as well as new geometry engine. It will be the second graphics architecture from AMD that will not use the standard GDDR5 but will feature stacked High Bandwidth instead. Aside from this new graphics architecture, according to Guru3d, AMD is also set to launch the Naples server CPU, which both of them is considered to be high-end products that would bring high profitability to the company.

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