OnePlus 5 Latest Leaks: Upcoming Flagship Killer Targets Apple's iPhone 7s Plus

5 May 2017, 11:22 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

New leaks of OnePlus 5 showed a device ready to compete with the flagships from iPhone and Samsung. OnePlus is really targeting to provide phone users with a high-end device that still comes with a cheaper price.

The flagship smartphone OnePlus for this year is reportedly going to feature a horizontal dual camera set up. According to TrueTech via Forbes, a source has provided some images which were captured by the camera of the latest OnePlus phone. The images come with an EXIF metadata which has the entire details of the camera used such as the camera model. In this case, these images are said to be taken by OnePlus A5000 with a f/2 aperture. Information on the EXIF metadata also includes the GPS coordinates where the image was taken and it pointed out to Shenzhen, China. These details obviously correspond to OnePlus 5. However, this can be easily manipulated and there is nothing definite about this.

The upcoming OnePlus 5 (obtained this name after OnePlus 3T due to number 4 is considered unlucky in China) is said to use the new Snapdragon 835 processor from Qualcomm and will showcase an 8GB RAM but there are rumors it will even be just 6GB. Meanwhile, Android Headlines reported that it will have an AMOLED screen that comes with curved edges. In addition, OnePlus 5’s screen resolution is said to have a 2560 x 1440 pixel, says BGR.

There were leaks that said it will have a 3,600mAh battery capacity with a probable 25 percent increase on charging speed, and the fingerprint sensors will be mounted in the front of the device, which if true would conclude that it will follow its predecessor rather than the Galaxy S8’s all screen design.

Following OnePlus’ trend on releasing their flagship phones, OnePlus 3T is not yet out of date because it was released six months after the OnePlus 3, so with the six-month interval, the OnePlus 5 is still right on schedule. On the other hand, the Chinese company previously released their handsets in April of 2014, July of 2015 and last year it was in June, taking upon this pattern, the next OnePlus phone might be released this summer, as what was reported by Digital Trends.

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