OnePlus 5 Latest News & Update: OnePlus 5 Will Deviate 3T's Release Date Scheduling

7 May 2017, 5:10 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

One Plus has announced that it is going to release the successor of OnePlus 3T in summer of 2017. The Chinese company has been known for creating high-end flagship phones with a lower price tag than the others.

OnePlus is going to release its upcoming device carrying the name OnePlus 5. One may notice that the company might forget that it is supposed to be OnePlus 4, however, according to The Verge, OnePlus skipped the number 4 for it is considered unlucky in the Chinese culture. The number 4 in Chinese is pronounced the same with the words death and disease. Technically speaking, it can be called the OnePlus 5 because it is the fifth handset that the company manufactured considering the 3T after OnePlus 3.

OnePlus cleared that these matters are not really the factors why they have named the upcoming phone with OnePlus 5, reported Engadget. It is all about the former NBA player Robert Horry who wore a number 5 jersey when he was still playing. Another consideration is the fondness of quite a number of OnePlus employers towards Horry. There are even two paintings of Robert Horry that can be seen hanging on the walls of OnePlus office in Shenzhen. So most probably, the former NBA player gave an inspiration for the name of next OnePlus phone.

Several leaks have been posted about the soon to be released OnePlus 5. The most prominent among them is the dual camera set up it could possibly have, which is also a feature that was heard to be integrated on the next iPhone device, says Tech Radar.

In 2016, OnePlus released the OnePlus 3 and right after it is the 3T, which are regarded as some of the phones with excellent performance. Both devices can compete with the flagships from other tech giants such as Samsung, Google and Apple, and with a very notable difference in their price.

Indeed, OnePlus can manufacture handsets in much cheaper price but comes with almost the same specs with those that have high price tags. If the company will continue this trend in releasing the OnePlus 5, it will not just bring enthusiasm to the mobile phone consumers but it can also be said that OnePlus deserves a spot in the world of the tech giants.

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