Xbox 720 Details: Quad Core CPU, 8GB RAM, Kinect 2.0, Blu-Ray, AR Glasses

18 November 2012, 12:59 pm EST By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

Microsoft's next Xbox console is shaping up to be something worth owning in 2013. The final issue of the popular Xbox World Magazine plans to leak every bit of detail about the next generation console, details that are bound to get gamers excited.

Nintendo has kicked off the next generation of gaming consoles once again. As it stands now, the company is expected to have a 1 year lead over its rivals, which could make for another runaway success story.

The second next generation console that could come after the Wii U, is the Microsoft Xbox 720, and according to the final issue of Xbox World Magazine, the next Xbox is shaping up to be a beast of an all-in-one entertainment device. Gone are the days when game consoles are only used for playing video games. They are full blown media hubs now, and that is never going to change.

Xbox World Magazine report claims the Xbox 720 will simply be called "Xbox", the reason behind this is unclear, but if this is the path Microsoft is going then it does make sense. The next generation console is a newer version of the Xbox line of entertainment systems, so there is no need to call it anything else but an Xbox because that's what it is.

The magazine also claims the console will come packed with a quad core processor with 16 logical cores, 8GB RAM, Blu-Ray disc support, Kinect 2.0, Directional Sound, TV input and output, along with a new innovative controller.

In the later stages of the console's life, there will also be an AR Glasses released for it, probably something similar to Google's Project Glass. Xbox World Magazine expects everything about the new Xbox to be officially announced well before E3 in June 2013, which could mean Microsoft might just be preparing to launch before the end of that year in order to shorten the Wii U's lead.

Read the full report of the next generation Xbox by purchasing the final issue of Xbox World Magazine right here.

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