Lenovo Working On A Mystery 1080p Smartphone?

19 November 2012, 10:00 am EST By Anu Passary Mobile & Apps

The rivalry in the smartphone space seems to be intensifying with companies looking to up the ante in a bid to stay ahead in the race. Recently, leaks indicated that Sony, Samsung , and LG are all working on devices with 1080p displays, and now  rumor has it that Lenovo too has a similar smartphone in the pipeline.

According to Chinese Web site Tech Sina, Lenovo is working on an Android-powered smartphone with a 1080p screen.

Earlier in October, HTC released the world's first 1080p display smartphone, the HTC J Butterfly, for the Japanese market. The Taiwanese company recently launched an international variant of the smartphone - the Droid DNA. Recent reports reveal that rival companies like Sony (Xperia Yuga and Xperia Odin), Samsung (Galaxy S4), and LG all have devices with 1080p displays on the cards, and Lenovo seems to be taking the same route as well.

Per the Tech Sina report, the device "from the screen configuration point of view," would likely be "Lenovo's next-generation flagship model" and could belong to the "Lok Phone K series, Music Phone K860 successor (Translated)."

Tech Sina also divulged that along with a Full HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels),  the Lenovo smartphone would also have dual network support i.e. CDMA 3G and GSM 2G. Additionally, the leaked screenshots suggest that the smartphone will run on either Android 4.0 ICS or Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Furthermore, an Engadget report disclosed that the device will support dual-SIM connectivity and could possibly sport a 4.5 inches or 5.5inches screen.

 "Our own source wouldn't directly confirm that it's a five-inch display on this mysterious phone, but we were told that it'll be somewhere between 4.5 inches and 5.5 inches -- we'll take that as a yes, especially since the only 1080p mobile panels available right now are the five-inch, 440ppi ones from Sharp and JDI," reported Engadget.

The Web site's source also let on that the phone has entered the Design Verification Test (DVT) phase and it may not be long before an official announcement from Lenovo is on its way.

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