Lego-Powered M&M Dispenser Sorts M&Ms Based On Color

11 December 2012, 1:37 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Lego and M&M are two widely appreciated things, and now a new gadget combines the two for the ultimate Lego M&M combo.

Some people are very serious about their M&Ms, and, believe it or not, color is often very important. Most people who eat M&Ms have their own ritual of sorting through the colored candy, eating only the preferred color, or sorting them by color to leave the best for last.

A crafty Lego and M&M lover who goes by the YouTube name of "Nxe1negineer" has taken this M&M color obsession to the next level, and came up with a unique gadget that sorts M&Ms by shade. This Lego-powered machine uses tone-detecting sensors to separate and dispense the popular candy-coated snack, ensuring that everyone gets their favorite type of M&Ms without any hassle.

According to Gizmodo, who first reported on this cool new gadget, the crafty tinkerer's name is Jan Gerritsen, and he is the same person who came up with the Lego beer machine.

"Here is a very nice video of a Lego machine, it's sorting M&M for the children," Jan "Nxe1engineer" Gerritsen messaged Gizmodo. "It contains a Christmas greet too, and lots of humor."

Considering that numerous people of all ages are big fans of both Lego and M&Ms, the gadget is likely to be a big hit not only for children. While the color of M&Ms may be nothing more than a placebo, this unique gadget is bound to draw some interest nonetheless.

With holidays just around the corner, the Lego M&M sorting machine would make a great holiday gift, but it's not exactly clear at this point just how one might be able to bring this gadget home.

Meanwhile, you can see the apparatus in action in Nxe1engineer's video on YouTube. It may not be the great video out there, and you might want to watch it with the sound turned off, but the invention itself seems pretty cool. The video description does not give away much, however, and offers no mention of when or if this machine would actually go on sale for the masses. Would you buy one?

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