Galaxy S4 Press Image Spotted Lurking On Picasa

23 January 2013, 10:44 pm EST By Anu Passary email: Mobile & Apps

Samsung's Galaxy S4 is in the news again, and this time round a leaked image of what could possibly be the press image of the next-generation smartphone has surfaced online.

The leaked image was spotted lurking on Picasa and gives us a glimpse into what could possibly be the real deal. The image was put up by Desmond Ma, a student from Hong Kong, who doesn't seem to have any professional relationship with the Korean company. What's more, the image was uploaded a month ago on Dec.27, 2012.

How Desmond acquired the image is anybody's guess and puts a question mark over whether it's real or fake. Even though the authenticity of the image is questionable - in all likelihood it could be a fan mock-up - the attention to detailing makes one wonder if it is genuine.

The Picasa image has been labeled properly and reads "Galaxy S IV GT-I9500 Product Image." The photograph of the alleged Galaxy S4 shows a handset that bears a strong resemblance to the predecessor Galaxy S3, and judging by the image, the phone seems to be taller, have a thinner bezel, and a bigger home button. Moreover, the corners of the Galaxy S4 seem redesigned and appear to be more symmetrical.

Additionally, the date on the handset reads April 22, which raises questions over its legitimacy yet again. Rumors have been rife that Samsung will take the wraps off its Galaxy S4 at a special event on March 22 and release the smartphone, codenamed Altius, on April 15. However, the date on the leaked Galaxy S4 would suggest that the phone will be launched on April 22, contradicting the other reports.

It is not uncommon for devices to be leaked on Picasa ahead of the official unveiling; however, in most cases the people who uploaded the image had some connection with the respective company.

Whether the leaked image on Picasa is the authentic press shot of the Galaxy S4 or a fan render is still shrouded in mystery. Come April 15, or April 22 as the case may be, the veil of mystery will hopefully be lifted.

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