Nokia's Former Vertu Luxury Phone Unit To Launch Android Smartphone For 3,000 Euros

31 January 2013, 10:05 am EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

Vertu is back but this time it has no ties with Nokia and the first phone is not Symbian or Series 40, but Android.

Back in the day, Vertu was Nokia's luxury phone brand, and you'd have to be dripping in money to purchase one of these phones. We're not quite sure how well the Vertu division was performing, but what we do know is that Nokia sold it off to EQT back in 2012, and now Vertu is planning to revive the brand around Android.

The man at the helm of Vertu, is no other than Anssi Vanjoki, the man who left Nokia in a fit of rage because he was not named CEO. You can bet he's all smiles when he sees Nokia struggling in the space it once dominated. With Vanjoki at the head of Vertu, it is clear that future phones may not only be of the luxury variety, the company may also want to branch out and go head-to-head with Nokia.

The rumored Vertu phone is said to cost 3,000 euros, and guess what? That's the cheapest model! This move may or may not work, since Android and luxury do not go well together, but who knows, maybe Vertu can bring forward a change that would be mimicked by others.

Would you be willing to spend 3,000 euros on a smartphone? 

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